iUniverse pays tribute to STAR AWARD author David George Ball

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David George Ball, author of A Marked Heart: How an Encounter with Martin L. King Jr. Changed My Life, delivers his tribute.

iUniverse recently acknowledged the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. in our social media pages. Subsequently we are proud to discover that one of our STAR AWARD authors, David George Ball had been invited by Bernice King, CEO of the King Center in Atlanta and daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., to give a tribute to her father at a service in Ebenezer Baptist Church in commemoration of his 84th birthday.  See the FOX News coverage of the tribute here.

David, who championed one of the first 401K plans in the US, has been the subject of an iUniverse Author Focus recently and has contributed to the iUniverse blog, so we thought this time we would let a third party pay tribute to David and his book, “A Marked Heart”.

A Chance Encounter     

The cover shows the author meeting Martin Luther King Jr. at Yale

   “  by James Schuyler July 16, 2012

 While I was walking Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg about one month ago, I chanced upon this older gentleman sitting outside the Bruton Parish Church Gift Shop with copies of his book, A Marked Heart, that he would autograph for those who purchased it. After hearing him speak, I decided to take the chance of buying a copy for myself. After a quick look at the book, it became part of the items to be read at my bedside. Now that I finished it, I may assure you that it is a story that you don’t know and one that is well worth reading about and learning from. The impact of a young Martin Luther King Jr. on his life is fascinating, but it is his life’s story with its opportunities and sorrows that will hold your interest until the last chapter. You will not regret picking up this book–I only regret that I didn’t know more of his story when I met him in Williamsburg. I would have a great deal to discuss with him now that I know his remarkable life history. It is very special to find a book like this and be the first to discover a readable and enlightening story! I won’t spoil your enjoyment by giving you more of the story–you may have the same pleasure that I did.”

iUniverse would like to thank James Schuyler for his excellent review and once again thanks author David George Ball for self-publishing his fascinating memoir, “A Marked Heart” with us.

Find out more about David at http://www.davidgeorgeball.com



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