iUniverse announces June’s Author Challenge Winners

Last month, iUniverse Publishing asked you to share with us the movie that you believe to be the best adaption from a book and why?

A big thank you goes to all our entrants for the June Author Challenge. From the excellent entries the judges had a really tough job to decide the outright winner so they decided that there ought to be joint winners:

Who are Hans Alric Vakker, author of iUniverse The Riddle of the Jade Collar and Danette Key, author of iUniverse On The Edge Of Wishing.

iUniverse June Author Challenge Winner Danette KeyBoth put forward excellent cases for their respective choices.- Danette for Hunger Games which was both a bestseller and a box office hit that closely depicted the book and Hans for Last of the Mohicans which is a classic of American literature and a beautifully acted movie that remained true to the original plot.

iUniverse June author Challenge Winner Hans Alric VakkerCongratulations to the two successful authors who will take turns to be featured as the iUniverse Publishing Facebook page banner and many, many thanks for all the excellent entries.

Look out for the July Author Challenge which will be featured on the iUniverse blog and in our upcoming Footnotes newsletter.




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