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iUniverse Lisa A Drucker

iUniverse Rising Star author Lisa K. Drucker

iUniverse blog was recently talking to our 100,000th ebook self-published author of “Arise O Phoenix”, Lisa K. Drucker and we asked Lisa if she had any pearls of wisdom for her fellow authors and aspiring authors. Wow and has she! So here we have the first of an excellent six part series that Lisa has created to help writers through the whole book creation experience.

What’s the Writing Process?

“I don’t really have a writing process, per se. What’s true for me is that writing is my process. I write the way other people might meditate or do yoga. When I feel disconnected or out of sorts or just not myself, I know it’s time to write. No matter what I write, I feel better—myself again—when I’m done.

That’s not to say that it isn’t important for some writers to have a writing process. It is an individual choice. It just isn’t a discipline thing for me. I just write. I’ve never had a problem with writer’s block or motivation—thankfully!—and either or both of those things are usually the reason(s) why writers develop a process. I’m very blessed. I don’t ever have to wonder if I’ll be able to fit an hour of writing into every day. That’s because I know that I’ll spend at least that much time writing every day. I always do. I always have, ever since the day I first held a pencil. But that’s just me.

I’m not super picky about my writing area either. I like a well-lit area, and when the weather is nice, I often bring my laptop out to the patio. I usually prefer to have music on when I write, except when I’m writing dialogue, because I need to be able to hear the characters’ speech patterns in my head as I write.”

Creating a Book

“Now, there’s a big difference between the writing process and the process of creating a book. I do have a process for that. A book is a huge undertaking, and without a systematized process, it’s really hard to get into it effectively … and next to impossible to finish. I start with an idea, which I write down in my “idea notebook.” I ponder this idea and flesh it out in my head while I’m doing something totally right-brained (like power walking) and feeling creative. I do this so my left brain won’t say, “That’s a really stupid idea. No one will want to read a book about that.” By the time my right brain has polished the idea, my left brain usually likes it. The polished version also goes into the idea notebook.

As I’ve described in previous posts, the process for Arise, O Phoenix moved a lot faster than for anything else I’ve written–at least during the early drafts.”

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iUniverse Arise O Pheonix

iUniverse 100,000th ebook by Rising Star author Lisa K. Drucker

To learn more about Lisa and her book, “Arise O Phoenix”, a story of love, fate and the strength of the human spirit set against the backdrop of 9/11, take a look at her website and get a preview of the book here.

iUniverse publishing urges you to see Part 2 of this illuminating series examining the book creation process here.

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