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iUniverse My Mother's Secret

By best selling Rising Star author, J.L.Witterick

iUniverse in recent weeks has written about two of our books that have been successful; one has become a iUniverse Editors Choice awardbestseller in a very short time after publication, My Mother’s Secret by J. L. Witterick which has featured for over four weeks in the Canadian bestseller lists and The Holocaust, the Church, and the Law of Unintended Consequences by Anthony J. Sciolino which recently won the 2013 IPPY World History Silver Award. To see more about these books and their achievements just click on the titles.

Now we have a third recently self-published iUniverse book, Long Journey Home by Lucy Lipiner that has been achieving phenomenal sales despite only been marketed via word of mouth. It has been in the Amazon Top Ten for its category in e-book and paperback formats, reaching 8 and 13 respectively and is currently still bubbling under.

The Common Denominator

iUniverse The Holocaust The Church and the Law of Unintended ConsequencesiUniverse icon_star_awardNow what is the common denominator between this book and the two mentioned earlier? It is of course that horrendous blight on the 20th century-The Holocaust. Despite the first being a factional account based on a true story of extreme heroism, the second a scholarly account of the relationship between the Roman Catholic Church and the Nazis hierarchy during the dark days of World War II and the third being a personal memoir of human survival, it is the specter of one of the most cruel examples of man’s capacity for inhumanity that binds the three books together. Long Journey Home is told from the perspective of a little girl, Lipiner, who narrates her family’s story. She relates an odyssey of flight and rescue full of hardships. From her sheltered life in a picturesque small town to her time as a barefoot and hungry little girl in Siberia and Tajikistan, and finally her arrival in the US, this book chronicles the emotional details and the physical struggles of a ten-year flight to freedom.
A story of the human spirit, Long Journey Home A Young Girl’s Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust provides a detailed account of a little-known and rarely discussed group of survivors.

Providing the Means

iUniverse Long Journey Home iUniverse Editors Choice awardiUniverse is proud to be associated with these books and wishes them every  future success to help fulfill the title of the article; Lest We Forget. Also iUniverse is also very proud to provide the means for Holocaust survivors and their kin to leave their testimony for future generations.

To that end please click on any of the following links to see more books on The Holocaust available in the iUniverse Bookstore.






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