iUniverse presents our INDIEFAB 2014 finalists!

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iUniverse proudly presents our INDIEFAB finalists for 2014!

The INDIEFAB Book of the Year awards are given by Foreword Reviews, and serve as an authoritative sign of which indie books are most ready for the eyes of discerning readers. All the entries in the 60+ categories (genres) are culled by the editorial team of Foreword Reviews to a shortlist of finalists. The finalists are then sent to qualified booksellers and librarians across the country for final judging. Finalists will be announced mid-March.

iUniverse has seven books on the list of finalists for 2014:


FinalistsThe Dominican Experiment, by Michael D’Amato and George Santos

D’Amato, a former Teacher of the Year, discusses a trip he took with students to the Dominican Republic to have an on-the-ground look at social justice issues in the country. The book examines such themes of daily Dominican life as sanitation, abusive labor practices, and AIDS.



Final Cut, by Bill Noelfinalists

Amidst the natural beauty of an island off the coast of South Carolina, a movie shoot begins to go wrong when the film’s director drowns under suspicious circumstances. A subsequent close-call generates an investigation led by two friends, whose newness to the job of private detective adds further twists and turns to an exciting narrative.



finalistsStill Running, by Nathaniel Northington

Northington’s memoir explores the racial turbulence of the US during the middle of the last century, set against the background of sports history. Ultimately, Northington became the first African-American to play in the Southeastern Conference of US college football.

Women’s Studies

finalistsImperial Requiem, by Justin C. Vovk

Using a diverse array of primary and secondary sources, letters, diary entries, and interviews with descendants, Vovk provides an in-depth look into the lives of four extraordinary women who stayed faithfully at their husbands’ sides throughout the cataclysm of the First World War and the tumultuous years that followed.


finalistsBridal Veil, by Monica Wright

Combining such elements as an upper-class marriage and time-travel, Wright’s tale addresses the pursuit of true love that is untainted by family history and politics. Bridal Veil is both a historical romance and a voyage of self-discovery.


finalistsLove Them Back to Life, by Ariane Page

Page addresses the concept of how nature and society have relationships with the human brain, and discusses how this model uses love as a tool to lead us to coherence between our physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual realities.

War and Military

finalistsSheppard of the Argonne, by G. William Weatherly

Carefully researched to accurately depict the US Navy during World War II, Sheppard of the Argonne follows the exploits of Sheppard McCloud during a hypothetical war at sea. It presents rare insight into the command of a capital ship at war, showing how it tests the captain’s leadership as enemy submarines and aircraft attack, culminating in that rarest of historical actions, a gun duel between capital ships.


Feel free to also check out the link at https://indiefab.forewordreviews.com/ . Congratulations to our authors!


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