iUniverse author Robert W. Barker wins Hoffer Award

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iUniverse The Devil's ChosenCongratulations to iUniverse author Robert W. Barker, who recently won the extremely prestigious Eric Hoffer Award, Legacy Fiction, for his 2005 work of historical fiction, “The Devil’s iUniverse Editors Choice awardChosen.”

The Eric Hoffer Award for short prose and books was established at the start of the 21st century as a way of giving exposure to writing of significant merit. It honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer by acknowledging significant writing; also the awards are covered in the US Review of Books.

About Eric Hoffer

Eric HofferEric Hoffer arrived with a bang in 1951 with his unique tome, “The True Believer, establishing him as one the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. Now six decades later Hoffer’s work continues to be read by a global audience. His books remain part of the intellectual and philosophical discourse. Like Montaigne and Shakespeare, Hoffer’s thoughts and aphorisms have been so widely dispersed into society that their source appears transparent. Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1983, he stands as a vital figure with his cogent insights to the nature of mass movements and the essence of humankind.

“America meant freedom and what is freedom? To Hoffer it is the capacity to feel like oneself. He felt like Eric Hoffer; sometimes like Eric Hoffer, working man. It could be said, I believe, that he as the first important American writer, working class born, who remained working class-in his habits, associations, environment. I cannot think of another. Therefore, he was a national resource; the only one of its kind in the nation’s possession.”

– Eric Sevareid, from his dedication speech to Eric Hoffer, San Francisco, CA, September 17, 1985

Learn more at the Hoffer project website

What reviewers say about “The Devil’s Chosen”

“A Must Read as a Generation Passes: B. Pierson

“The Devil’s Chosen,” historical fiction that examines enduring questions, avoids the cliche of an adventurous alpha-male in exciting times. Addressing more than an era on the cusp of slipping into history (the Holocaust), Mr. Barker brings relevance to the past in a personal manner that forces the reader to examine their own moral and social balance.

This book brings up questions many of us wish would continue to lay hidden in a musty corner of our soul. The answers are all our own.”

“A tremendous, compelling book… By jsoffron

This book is terrific; very compelling. It should be read by everyone, especially those with an eye towards history or an interest in the powerful struggles that men have to face when battling crushing forces, both internal and external.”

iUniverse Publishing says

iUniverse thanks author Robert W. Barker for self-publishing with us and again says very well done for such a fine achievement.

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