iUniverse says howdy to our own Louis L’Amour

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iUniverse Yellowstone BrigadeiUniverse recently came across one of our authors, Alfred Dennis,  who has self-published nine books with us; the latest being “Yellowstone Brigade”. When we spoke he told us that he wasn’t much of a writer:-

“ just an old cowboy that likes to tell stories”

However when you read his books, you will see he is just being modest as they are all riveting reads and we believe that he is up there with that most prolific author of the western genre, Louis L’Amour. And do not just take our word for it see what some of his many readers have said:-

iUniverse FIVE GOLD STARSiUniverse author Alfred Dennis stars all the way

Whichever of his titles, whichever the source-Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble- all the reviews we have seen give Alfred’s books five stars.

iUniverse The Mustangers“The Mustangers- The author has produced another great novel from out of the west. Adventure, romance and suspense follow the men and women of the Stallings family into Texas.” –Dewitt King, Prop.”


iUniverse Yuma“Best book yet! Yuma is a good western story with plenty of action. I have read all of Alfred Dennis’ books. I like Jesse Ray’s character the best. He does good things in very talented ways as savvy heroes can. Jesse knows guns, horses, the good code of the west, and is one tough fist fighter. I look forward to Alfred’s next book. Anonymous”

iUniverse Lone Eagle“Lone Eagle Riveting! Once again, the author draws you in from the beginning and takes you on a wild ride to the West. The characters seem to come to life on the pages – I couldn’t put it down! As with Dennis’ first book, this one left me wanting more. Would love to see a sequel. Rocker Nurse”

“Lone Eagle. For those of us that like the American West. This is a very interesting and entertaining read. Emma D. Tubbs”

“Lone Eagle: As in Mr.Dennis’ “Chiricahua” the plot moves along from big city life in the east, to the expanses of the old west where Indian and Anglo life mingled in perpetual drama and suspense. Reading “Lone Eagle” is an enchanting an exciting literary trek for the reader, moving from page to page, wondering what’s to happen to the leading characters. This book is a clean and wholesome narrative. Its reception by lovers of “Westerns” should encourage Mr. Dennis to complete work on another manuscript soon. – William E. Wallace”

iUniverse Chiricahua“Chiracahua is an excellent story. Great read! Couldn’t put it down once I started it! Action and adventure mixed with suspense and romance. Would make a great movie- left me longing for more! Can’t wait for the sequel! Laura Bialon”

“Chiricahua was well worth the price. For those who like western novels with strong characters, realism, action adventure, suspense and romance, this book has it all. So well written that you feel like you are right there watching the story unfold. I would highly recommend Chiricahua. Keep an eye on this new author. If he doesn’t have an agent yet, I would snatch him up. Can’t wait for his next one! My sister said it’s the best novel she’s ever read. I have to agree. Billy Tedreck”

“The novel Chiricahua, by Alfred Dennis, is an adventure to read. It is realistic and action packed throughout the book.
The characters erupt from the book. Yet it has a simple and easy dialogue. The book is full of suspense. Read the 1st page and it is hard to put down.
iUnverse Elkhorn DivideI find Mr. Dennis to be an author who is a great storyteller with an impeccable since of horsemanship. I can’t wait for the sequel to Chiricahua
I would love to see Chiricahua made into a movie for the big screen. I think it would be a great success

Hurry with the sequel, Chris Vaughn”

The iUniverse verdict

“I’m just an old cowboy that likes to tell stories” – indeed!

iUniverse Brant's FortiUniverse CatamountiUniverse RoverBibliography

Lone Eagle
Elkhorn Divide
Brant’s Fort
The Mustangers
Yellowstone Brigade

See all of iUniverse author Alfred Dennis’s-our own Louis l’Amour- western novels at the iUniverse Bookstore.



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