iUniverse 2013 Publishing Roll of Honor…and it’s not over yet!

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What a year for iUniverse self-published authors 2013 has been in terms of book awards winners. Now hot on the heels of the fantastic successes at the 2013 DIY, Hollywood and B.R.A.G Awards, lets roll out the red carpet for the iUniverse author winners and finalists at the:-

2013 International Book Awards

Now lets see the iUniverse awardees:-

Best New Non-Fiction

 iUniverse Surviving American MedicineIBA Finalist LogoFinalist

Surviving American Medicine: How to Get the Right Doctor, Right Hospital, and Right Treatment with Today’s Health Care by Cary Presant, MD


Fiction: African-American     

iUniverse For the Love of JadeIBA Winner LogoWinner

For the Love of Jade by Diamond Drake


Business: Entrepreneurship & Small Business

iUniverse Work toward RewardIBA Finalist LogoFinalist

Work Toward Reward: Building Business Value Today for a Well-Deserved Future by Chia-Li Chien


Fiction: Religious

 iUniverse Abandon Not My SoulIBA Winner LogoWinner

Abandon Not My Soul by Sherye Simmons Green


Business: General 

iUniverse Upsizing in a Downsizing WorldIBA Finalist LogoFinalist

Upsizing in a Downsizing World by Jeannette Chau


Health: General   

 IBA Winner LogoiUniverse Surviving American MedicineWinner

Surviving American Medicine: How to Get the Right Doctor, Right Hospital, and Right Treatment with Today’s Health Care by Cary Presant, MD            


Religion: Christianity

iUniverse Spiritrealm-God-Angels-MankindIBA Finalist LogoFinalist

Spirit Realm-God-Angels-Mankind: The Eternal Connection: Discover who has ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY over the visible and invisible realm by Cordelia E. Battle


Transportation: Automobile/Motorcycle/Mechanical 

iUniverse Donny's Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley-DavidsonIBA Winner LogoWinner

Donny’s Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley-Davidson, 1936 to Present – Volume V: Part I of II, The Shovelhead: 1966 to 1985 by Donny Petersen


iUniverse says many congratulations to all

iUniverse Publishing says well done to all these award winning authors and to all the previous ones so far this year, which you can see at iUniverse authors scoop the prizes  and iUniverse authors get B.R.A.G.GING rights.

To see more about each of the above books just click on the book cover or visit the iUniverse Bookstore.

Finally if you want to find out the secrets behind their success and others check this post out. iUniverse unveils the 5 secrets of author success


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