iUniverse Bill Noel publishes “Missing” in the Folly Beach Series

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iUniverse publishing author Bill Noel has just self-published the seventh STAR title in his crime mystery series, Folly Beach. “Missing “carries on the successful formula of the eccentric group of central characters, led by would be retiree Chris Landrum, becoming inveigled into another story of murder and mayhem on the quiet South Carolina barrier island.

An initial reviewer of “Missing” says:-

iUniverse Missing

iUniverse STAR author, Bill Noel, latest novel

“WOW! That’s all I can say! Bill Noel does it again with his latest Folly Beach mystery, MISSING! I love the series and feel the characters are close friends of mine. I could not wait to receive my copy of the book to begin on another adventure. Character development continues as these quirky friends act as “amateur” detectives. Fun reading!”

What the critics say

So we at iUniverse blog thought we would take a look at readers comments throughout the series and what we discovered was from the first book, “Folly”, reviewers have been unanimous in their overall praise for the series. Here is a random sample of readers’ reviews and comments across the titles:-


iUniverse Folly

iUniverse first title in the Folly Beach Mystery series

“As a resident of Folly Beach I can vouch for the accuracy of the locations depicted. The characters could easily be residents of the island, but the only criminals we have here are the occasional drunks, and the only violations are of the parking type. The book is a good summer read, and if I were a “reviewer” I would only give it 4 stars, but I am biased and thus give it the 5.”

The Pier

iUniverseThe Pier

Another in the iUniverse Folly Beach Mystery series

Enjoyed from cover to cover and made me want to read the others in the series. Very well written. I had never read anything by Bill Noel but I grew up with a family named Noel and they had a son, Bill. But I will definitely read more of Bill’s books.”




iUniverse Ghosts

Iuniverse Ghosts by STAR author Bill Noel

“What a great ride! I became Bill Noel’s biggest fan the moment I began reading his first book. His new book “Ghosts” did nothing to change my feelings. “Ghosts” is a fun exciting book that makes you want to keep reading. Love the characters and the jams that the main character, Chris, and his friends seem to always find themselves in. I also enjoyed the escape from Folly Island to Gatlinburg that this book brought us.
You will not be sorry if you decide to read this book. A smile may never leave your face.”

iUniverse is very pleased for STAR books self-published author, Bill Noel, and given they can’t all be wrong, order your copy of “Missing” now or buy it via Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or pick it up at your local bookstore.

For more information about  Bill, visit his website http://www.billnoel.com

For more information about The Folly Island Series visit: http://bookstore.iuniverse.com


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