iUniverse Tales of a Hollywood Housewife is a tour de force

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Recently iUniverse reported on one of our books that had been hitting the heights in the Amazon bestsellers lists; Tales of a Hollywood Housewife: A Memoir by The First Mrs. Lee Marvin by Betty Marvin. Well the latest news is that it keeps on doing so!b5a38d73-3d40-437e-9e6c-f1594108a3ca

Tales of a Hollywood HousewifePublished in 2010, iUniverse Tales of a Hollywood Housewife seems to have had this deserved sales surge as another Lee Marvin biography, Lee Marvin: Point Blank by Dwayne Epstein was recently published using Betty for much of the source material. Added to this is the veryrecent rave review by KC  in Classic Movies:-

“When I reviewed the marvelous Lee Marvin: Point Blank earlier this summer, I was especially charmed by the stories told about him by his first wife, Betty Marvin. She was the most important voice in the book, providing a clear-eyed, affectionately exasperated account of a man who had given her quite a ride.

Marvin had every right to be bitter, and she was, but she was also appreciative of the good aspects of their time together. I thought she was remarkably generous to her ex and I loved the way she expressed herself. She was tart, but loving. You don’t often see one source providing so much more information in a biography, but I could understand why Epstein chose to favor her voice. No one could tell the story better than her.Classic Movies Banner

That’s why I leapt in joy (literally, but my laptop is okay now) when I learned that Betty had written her autobiography. I figured a whole book written by this fascinating woman had to be pretty good, whether or not she had writing chops. It ended up surpassing my expectations. Lee Marvin was an important part of Betty Marvin’s life, but contrary to the title, there was a lot more to her life than being arm candy for a movie star.”

See the Classic Movies review in full here.iUniverse Readers Choice Award

iUniverse Betty MarviniUniverse Editors Choice awardYou can buy Tales of a Hollywood Housewife: A Memoir by the First Mrs. Lee Marvin here. If you want to take a peek at the iUniverse book review look here, and for the earlier iUniverse blog post here.

If you’re curious to learn more about Betty Marvin, check out her website. She’s posted several photos of her artwork and other projects.











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