iUniverse Provides The Four Paths to Publishing

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iUniverse's Keith Ogorek

iUniverse’s Keith Ogorek has recently published a white paper to help writers make sense of the publishing options now available to them

Last September Keith Ogorek, Senior Vice President of iUniverse’s parent company Author Solutions, was a guest speaker at a free event hosted by the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. His seminar was titled Strategies for Self-Publishing to the Global Market wherein he identified the four existing paths writers can now follow to get their work published. His discussion focused on:

  • The advantages and drawbacks to each path.
  • The key questions authors should ask themselves before deciding which path best suits them.
  • Revealing 7 secrets of self-published authors.
  • Explaining why now is the best time in history to be an author.

The reception to this seminar was amazing and underlined the importance writers place on becoming published authors. The attendance itself was a reflection of this as there were not enough seats in the auditorium to accommodate the participants.

The discussion at the end of his presentation revealed three main questions that seemed to concern the majority of the audience:

  1. Which Path Best Suits Me?
  2. How do I Find an Illustrator for My Children’s Book?
  3. The Editors I worked with previously on my self-published books are now either retired or dead. What do I do know?

The discussion left one thing clear in Ogorek’s mind. That is that although it is “the best time in history to be an author” due to the amount of choices available, it is also a very confusing time. Having so many options available to choose from actually means it is even harder to decide which of the publishing paths is best for them.

This revelation prompted Ogorek to write his latest white paper entitled The Four Paths to Publishing. The white paper has been released and clearly identifies the four options available to authors to bring their book to market and provides them with a guide to help them decide which one is best for them, based on their individual goals and available budget.

Read on to read the Author Solutions, Inc. press release for more details and link to Ogorek’s The Four Paths to Publishing white paper.  



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