iUniverse author John C. Woodcock’s insights on writing: Part 12

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In this concluding article, iUniverse author John C. Woodcock brings all of his thought processes together that led him to the writing genre of his new book.

iUniverse UR-imageUR-image, thus belongs to the “genre” of writing that springs from, and expresses, the burrowing spirit as it makes its way into actuality through the psychological “wounds” of individual human beings. Where I had once been terrified in writing this way, I am now more curious, and thus, it seems, the demand has become gentler, less invasive, but still insistent.

The logical structure of the story is that of four possible futures intersecting and informing the Present, shaping it and, finally, becoming the actual future of four young adventurers, but in ways that none of them could have predicted.

Finally, before we enter the story, I must offer some evidence of congruence between the content of the story that will soon unfold for you, the reader, and the way it came into being. This is not a story about such breakdowns in fundamental categories, as endured by other people. It is a story that emerged from my own participation in a possible future, i.e., the burrowing spirit. So, its completion has become my actual future, although as I say, I could not predict or plan this outcome.

This is how it came about.”

iUniverse UR-image is conceived

“It began with a dream—a dream as a possible future!

iUniverse John C. WoodcockIn this dream three pioneers of depth psychology appear, each representing a different comprehension of the nature of image, a question that has a long and venerable history. I begin to wonder if I could write a book about them and their ideas. As I do so, the German word, “Ur”, starts to repeat itself to me, running through my mind, as I sleep. I become enthusiastic about writing a story of these three men in relation to image, a simple story that brings out the difference in their understanding of image. I also am looking around for some electronic leads that will help some wires connect to my speaker system so that I can be heard better.

I woke up with “Ur” resounding in me. I started looking around for some “electronic leads”. I went to a search engine and typed in “Ur” and found that the word means “original”, “primitive” (meaning primary or basic). This awakened a memory and, according to the methodology of participation, I did not ignore but included it as the “next step”. Years ago I had written an essay, out of another participatory moment with a possible future, in which I stumbled onto what I then called the form of forms which gives rise to all phenomenal forms. This discovery literally came out of my hands which moulded clay while my mind was in a breakdown and I was in a blind panic.

This memory startled me as it seemed I had been, in retrospect, talking about an Ur-image, as I named it in the moment of recall—an Ur-image, the original image that has to be non-phenomenal and yet which gives rise to all images.

I had the title of my book. Then, another surprise!”

A surprise from Stephen King

Stephen King

“The same search turned up another result. A book had been recently published. It was Stephen King’s short story for Kindle, about Kindle, and it was called Ur. I quickly downloaded it and read it. It was a book dedicated to the notion of alternative universes and the possibility of their intersecting with our Present. I realized that the idea of alternative universes is a spatial conception having the same weird logic as the temporal conception of possible futures.

Then another memory came “out of left field”. Mark Twain once said:

“Write what you know”mark twain

And so, I began to write.”

iUniverse Blog trusts you have enjoyed this excellent, thought provoking blog series from author John C. Woodcock and if you have missed any of the installments, look here. To learn more about John, his books and his thinking, visit his website. To see all of his books visit the iUniverse Bookstore.

Better still let the man tell you himself!


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