John Syriaco’s memoir, “My Life as a Surgeon”

iUniverse author John Syriaco tells us about his new memoir, My Life as a Surgeon.


John Syriaco front coverI am of Syrian origin, from Aleppo in particular. I studied medicine and worked as general surgeon in Germany and in many other countries. As I wanted to retire, the war erupted in Syria. Many physicians or surgical students asked me about interesting cases that encounters a surgeon. So I thought to write my experience and describe in short the life of a medical student in the campus in Heidelberg. Also, the work as assistant and later as I was independent surgeon and later laparoscopic surgeon.


I described cases you may never encounter as surgeon in your lifetime unless you are in a very specialized centre, even within my family. What to do when you get a really difficult case? Surgery is unpredictable and you can never give a guarantee of the outcome.


Later, the war in Syria forced me to come as refugee to Canada as the war to liberate Aleppo from the terrorists was at its peak. Why there was a war? Who was behind it? I expressed my opinion about this war which destroyed our life. I have  put also all the references, which supported what I had written.


I was lucky to find iUniverse to take care of my book and publish it. The best part of iUniverse was the continuous follow up of the professional persons who kept calling me and advising me to do this or that. I liked it.


I will stick to iUniverse for the coming books I will write.


Read it and you will be wiser on information that you don’t find on our MSM.


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