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iUniverse learnt in the first episode of this aspiring author’s series that the desire to write had become a huge chasm in Julia’s otherwise full life. Would there ever be the opportunity to fulfil her creative need.

Opportunity arrives!

The Old Rectory

    The Old Rectory today






“Then, on a romantic whim, my husband and I bought a dilapidated Victorian rectory in the middle of the English countryside, a mile from the nearest village, and spent the next four years renovating and restoring the house and gardens to their former glory. I researched the house’s history: who lived there? What was it like for them? What happened to them? And because I love cooking for family and friends, I also wanted to incorporate recipes in my book: what were our family favorites? What recipes did previous occupants make? What did they eat in Victorian times or in the world-wartime when food in England was scarce?  I documented it all and found my friends from across the world loving the idea: “Write a book about it!” Biting my nails with doubt, I decided to take a chance.

It was to be, I decided, the true story of our renovation of the rectory, but also about the history of the house and the village, and, because the kitchen was, and is, the heart of the home, I wanted food to somehow be the thread that held it all together.

Discovering the writing discipline

I wrote every weekend after a long week at work as a senior university lecturer. I wrote in my vacations. I took some annual leave simply to write. Once again, the creative juices began to flow, and I found that I was really enjoying it; so much so, that if I didn’t get to write on a particular day I felt lost. Yes, some days it was hard going, some days I spent far too long on the distractions of Facebook and other social media, some days there was too much coffee drinking. At times I doubted my ability to write a whole book. But overwhelmingly I loved it and gradually I got into a routine of writing and scheduled my days in the same way that I scheduled my professional days in my paid work. After all, I wanted to be a professional writer! My book took shape and took on a life of its own. I learned new techniques for focusing and for raising ideas, for finding the right sentence here, the right image there.

iUniverse Julia Ibbotson

iUniverse award winning author 0f The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen Julia Ibbotson 


Now to get my book published?

As you would expect of a researcher, I researched all aspects of the publishing world: traditional and self-publishing, Amazon digital and POD; and many different publishers in each area. But would any publisher want my book?”

Look out for the next episode in this enthralling commentary from award winning iUniverse author Julia Ibbotson- Dreams in Print

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“the book is a wonderful blend of personal story (one so many of us can identify with), enchantingly told, with recipes…It all spreads happiness. Lovely!” Bel Mooney, author and journalist


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