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After learning in the second episode of this blog series from the iUniverse author, Julia Ibbotson, how she tamed her inner demons and, at last, fulfilled her creative urges by producing the finished manuscript of her book and now iUniverse discovers we were the catalyst for Julia becoming a self-published author in the next stage of this book publishing odyssey.

iUniverse arrives

 “One day, by chance, an email leapt into my inbox from iUniverse based in Indianapolis, USA. I will never know why. How did they know I was researching the publishing field? Clearly it was the hand of fate. I thought long and hard about it all, looked at other companies, traditional and self-publishing, and finally decided to go with iUniverse. I wanted to have a good degree of control over the decisions and the process: editorial decisions, the choice of book cover, the timescale. I wanted to publish quickly now that I had made the decision. I was only too happy to have advice and guidance but did not want to abdicate all responsibility for my brain child, my book. iUniverse seemed to provide what I wanted.

I was by now intent upon publishing my creative work at long last, but still nervously wondered if anyone would actually want to publish it. Was it good enough?

I contacted iUniverse and received encouraging support and guidance. “OK,” I thought, “this is not too threatening. I can work with these people!”

Tentatively, I sent in my manuscript to iUniverse.  I couldn’t believe it when they accepted it. And amazingly, with positive encouragement! There followed a process of editing, proofing and making decisions about style, cover and blurb.

“destined to become a classic…I adored this book and think you will too…” Rebecca Johnson

 Editorial excellence

iUniverse The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen

    London Book Festival 2012 Biography Winner

My editor was excellent, helping me to make adjustments for an American readership, and also to advise on how to deal with the recipes that I wanted to weave into the book. In the end, we decided together that the best plan was to have reference to foods and cooking in the main text where I wanted to make the sensual nature of creating food to be an integral part of the story, but also (at her wise suggestion) have a series of recipes at the end of each chapter which related to the sense, topic or mood of that chapter. What a great idea. The end result is a book which almost defies categorisation: a feel-good memoir about the renovation of a house, and of lives, but with recipes to feed the soul!

Within a year or so of making the decision and starting to write my book, “The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen”, was published.

Had I gone with the traditional route it would have been twice that lead-in time at least. I received a paperback proof copy – my first! There it was, in print!”

“an inspirational tale that offers many surprises…” Carol Hoenig

Look out for the final episode in this enthralling commentary from iUniverse Julia Ibbotson- Award Winning Author.

To learn more about award winning iUniverse author, Julia Ibbotson, and her books , visit her website or on Facebook.




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