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London Book Festival iUniverse author Julia Ibbotson has allowed us to accompany her as she has described in excellent fashion how she progressed from childhood dreams of being a writer to being a fully fledged published author. Now in this final episode Julia provides some great tips on book marketing, including the thrill of entering and winning book awards, plus her future writing and book publishing plans.

“So I am writing again and I love it. I took a leap of faith and reduced my hours (and thus my income) as a well-paid university academic to make time for my writing and tending my large countryside garden. I am doing what I always wanted to do. I think of that little 10 year old Julia with her hopes and dreams. I have discovered what is important in life for me.

I have been busy creating an author website with a blog, at www.juliaibbotson.com, an author page on Amazon and Goodreads, I have a Pinterest site, I have been interviewed and featured in many local papers and magazines, undertaken signings, and am now embarking on a series of “Meet the Author” talks. Many of my friends on Facebook are also writers, and I now feel that I am within a community.  My life has taken on quite a different dimension.

I am now looking forward to international virtual book blog tours with reviews, press releases, banners on Facebook and twitter, radio interviews, book trailers, You Tube posts, book parties, giveaways, author spotlights, and guest posts. A year ago, I never knew these existed!

Becoming a Winner

iUniverse Talking the Walk Should  CEOs Think More about SexWith some modest hesitation, I entered my book for some international Book Festivals, and have won the biography category in the London Book Festival 2012, and honorary mention in New York 2012 and now Paris 2013. I would advise all new writers to do the same, as it is so affirming and encouraging to be able to say that you are an award-winning author.

I decided in 2013 to have my book re-released with an English publisher too, and there’s now a UK edition with a new cover. I have had another book published by iUniverse, Talking the Walk, about gender and leadership communication, and there is a book for children on the way with iUniverse, too. After all, they gave me my break!

The future?

The Old Rectory NGP front cover image

“a most talented writer…a charming story written by a writer with a wonderful voice” Nancy Mills
“a beautiful tale …delightful” Vicky DeCoster

At this stage of my 50 (!) year career as a would-be novelist: I am now publishing a trilogy of novels on the life story of my new character Jess. It starts with the first novel, set in 1960s  West Africa, where teenage Jess has fled as a volunteer. But she finds herself instead becoming embroiled in civil war, an unexpected romance, and the tragedy that ensues. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s very loosely based on my own story! The trilogy follows Jess through four decades. The first in the series is called Drumbeats.  My dedication page exhorts: “be strong, be brave, be adventurous”, and that’s the mantra and vision I carry with me.”

iUniverse publishing hopes you have enjoyed this fine blog series from iUniverse author Julia Ibbotson and if you would like to learn more about how to be an award winner like Julia visit her website or follow her on Facebook.

If you missed the earlier episodes in this series and would like to catch up, just follow this link.



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