iUniverse author, Julia Park Tracey just can’t stop winning

Great North West Book FestivalBack last year we reviewed one of our own iUniverse titles, Reaching for the Moon: More Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen by Rising Star author, Julia Park Tracey, who was winning literary awards then for the book. Well she keeps on winning!

Great NorthWest names Reaching for the Moon for top honors

Great North West Book Festival logo“The diary of a Roaring Twenties Portland teen is the grand prize winner of the Great Northwest Book Festival, which honors the best of the late winter/spring. Julia Park Tracey’s “Reaching for the Moon: More Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen – Volume II” (iUniverse)details the true-life adventures of Doris, a teen who recovers from scarlet fever to flirt with boys, sneaks sips of whiskey and bet on racehorses, breaking rules and hearts along the way. In Portland, Oregon, she’s the belle of the ball, enjoying the attention of several handsome gents.  From hospital wards and petting parties to rodeos and boarding school, Doris faces the dawning of the Depression and her own emergence as a young adult. This fascinating look back at life in what’s perceived as a simpler time in the Great Northwest is a page-turning read that has lessons for modern readers.  Tracey and other publishers and authors will be honored on March 22 in a private ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, CA”. Julia also scooped the Biography/ Autobiography category at the Awards.

Plus to miss coin a phrase, you can’t keep a good author down, she was also runner-up at in the Regional Literature category at the LA Book Festival.

iUniverse author, Julia Park TraceyiUniverse says well done!

rising star iconWell done to iUniverse author Julia Park Tracey and to learn more about her book, just look it up in the iUniverse Bookstore or visit her website.

Also remember all you other iUniverse authors can be winners too!

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