Veteran author Stan A. Cowie and new release, “Brothers”

iUniverse’s Stan A.Cowie has returned with his new book, Brothers, a story of family and adventure.

Hi, my name is Stan A. Cowie. I am the other of Brothers, a sequel to The Boy The Man. I don’t have a lot of followers. But a few that demanded this be written. I have extremely enjoyed the trip it has taken me on. And Might do it again as there is lots of windows open for it.


Brothers takes place in the 1700s where what we class as hardships today, was a way of life yesterday, Loyalty’s Principles , trust, and never forgiveness, a dishonor to you or your family will be settled or you carry it to your grave. Life was simple.



Brothers is about the eldest son of a Scottish highland family of three more brothers and one sister. He leaves for the sea and has not returned home in nine years. He has jumped from ship to ship only improving his skills where his masters have chosen to sail. Till the opportunity arrives where he can accomplish his wildest dreams and he won’t let go. Now he returns home to show his father and brothers his accomplishments, hoping to be able to boast a little and brag a bit. But he is met with emptiness as they have all fled to the new world years in advance. Now his goals are to find them which he does with the adventure’s in-between. John is a rogue no doubt. But I think an honorable one, maybe?


I have always said for me to be a writer is a foolish thing. But at the same time can think of nothing more enjoyable than siting at my lap top creating a story bending it and twisting till my satisfaction is accomplished. Then a month down the road changing it completely with a new twist. I Love it. I always have a story on the go. I have written three military adventures one published the Punisher two awaiting. Two westerns which are not so much in demand to day. But I really wanted to write  them so I did, just because I wanted to. Louis Lamoure was my hero.


To new writers all I can say is . You better want to. To do something like this and not have it in your hart would kill me. So love what you do, and do what you Love, don’t allow blocks to get in your way, keep the story moving You can always change what you don’t like , and you will, but keep it going ,be in it! Live the part, it’s Fun! Make it fun and the pages turn. Maybe that is why I’m not in lights. I’m having to much fun.


My biggest moment, without a doubt, was when iUniverse sent me the first copy for approval and the wrapper came off and I held it in my hand, the finished product. That was my Climax the ultimate feeling. Nobody else can share that moment, they think they can but not so. There is no bells or flashing light s that any else can see, but you can!


To my readers. I hope you find in the story what you want to feel and it leaves you with some satisfaction. And an emptiness that it is done, and leaves you looking for more. Without readers there is not much point, is there?


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