iUniverse unveils the 5 secrets of author success

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iUniverse authors have recently been achieving great success, whether it’s winning book awards, being signed by a traditional publisher, hitting the bestseller lists or turning their books into movies. Here are just a few:

iUniverse My Mother’s Secret by J. L. Witterick

J. L. Witterick hit the Canada Fiction bestsellers list for four weeks running.

The book has been this phenomenal success due to a number of key factors- it’s a great story, it’s well written, it’s had great reviews and the author has taken to book marketing like a duck to water.

iUniverse Cooper’s Promise by Timothy Jay Smith

After struggling to get noticed by mainstream publishers, what did Timothy do?

iUniverse Timothy Jay Smith

iUniverse author Timothy Jay Smith now with Owl Canyon Press

“My solution was to self-publish Cooper’s Promise with iUniverse. I had the clear intention of getting noticed; and to be picked up by a traditional publisher. That meant I had to sell books and get review ,so I approached the challenge strategically.

“By spring, I had a two-book deal with Owl Canyon Press.

Self-publishing certainly changed my life as a writer. By spinning good reviews and sales, I worked my way to a place at the table. I did it by targeting an audience.”

iUniverse Still Alice by Lisa Genova

iUniverse Lisa Genova

iUniverse author Lisa Genova now with Simon and Schuster

Still Alice was sold at auction to Simon & Schuster for six figures.

“iUniverse produced a high-quality, professional-looking book I was proud to promote. (Upon learning that it was self-published, one reader said, ‘But it looks so real!’). The team at iUniverse did all the behind-the-scenes work—obtaining the ISBN, listing the book at Amazon.com, bn.com and tracking orders from Ingram—freeing me up to concentrate on guerilla marketing.”


iUniverse  Wedlocked by Bonnie Trachtenberg

Wedlocked is a great indie success story.

iUniverse Bonnie Trachtenberg

iUniverse Bonnie Trachtenberg is a Kindle Bestseller

“It feels awesome! It takes a lot of hard work and an appealing book to get to where I am, but I’m certainly thrilled to be here. Of course it’s a constant struggle to keep my name and my book out there, but cross marketing with other successful authors definitely helps. In fact, I recently hit the TOP 100 Bestsellers list on all of Kindle. As for the great reviews, I’m thrilled every time I get one, as each makes me realize that my book spoke to and entertained people as intended.”

iUniverse When the Cobra Strikes by Sebati Edward Mafate

When the Cobra Strikes has recently been released by Lionsgate Films as a movie entitled Black Cobra.

“Do not be shy to blow your own horn; you want people to know about your book, right? If they do not know about it, how are they going to buy it?

The secret is to keep on keeping on. Start right away. You don’t have the money to shoot the movie? Find creative ways to do it; fight! And I can guarantee you, you will find a way.”

What’s their secret?

  1. Promote your book through positive reviews
  2. Use guerilla marketing tactics
  3. Cross market with the help of fellow authors
  4. Blow your own horn and let everybody know how great your book is
  5. Self-publish with iUniverse



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