iU author Douglas Gardham looks forward to another year, with new release

iUniverse’s Douglas Gardham released his third book, The Musician, at the end of last year. Gardham’s previous two releases, The Actor and The Drive In, have been best-sellers and have garnered strong recognition from print media and television.

GardhamGardham is extremely diligent with promoting his books, with just under 300 book-signing events to his name. In 2018 he held 69 book events alone! Always eager to share his views on writing, publishing, and marketing, Gardham embodies the spirit of being an author.

In addition to the publication of The Musician, the end of 2018 saw an article in Globe newspaper (click here) and a TV interview. Already, for 2019, Gardham has 26 book events scheduled. These include interviews on TV, radio, and over the telephone, as well as a print piece in February, and — not surprisingly — his 300th book-signing event!


Describing his latest release, Gardham says:

The Musician is the much-awaited sequel to The Actor. The Musician continues the compelling tale of a young man’s journey as he emerges from a delusion to pursue his love of music and confront unfinished business from his past.

It is 1984 when Ethan Jones is finally allowed to leave a mental institution in Ottawa. He has just emerged from a six-month delusion his mind created and is now unable to remember. Now that he is officially back from the living dead, Ethan must accept that his beloved Mila is gone forever, that his psychiatrist cannot reciprocate his love for her, and that sanity has its challenges.

Undecided on what to do or where to go next, Ethan returns with his parents to their home in Toronto. As his family struggles with the return of a son and brother believed lost to internal trauma, Ethan unearths a renewed desire to pursue his love for music. As he embraces a new chapter and starts a band, Ethan thrives on the joy that accompanies doing what he loves. But soon Ethan is challenged to overcome much of what he cannot recall from his time away. As he becomes conflicted between who and what he loves and what he is, his past returns with a vengeance and transforms everything.


We congratulate Douglas Gardham on his excellent achievements and ceaseless enthusiasm, and look forward to hearing more about the progress of his work!




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