Four iUniverse Titles Awarded National Indie Excellence Honors

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Four iUniverse titles have been recognized with National Indie Excellence Award honors.

Awarded annually since 2006, the NIEA has recognized excellence in independent publishing. In 2016, the award winners included international poets and authors from Singapore, London and India, among others.

the dominican experiment 150The Dominican Experiment by Michael D’Amato and George Santos was the winning title in the category of Travel.




Three other iUniverse titles were finalists in the competition:

Sightseeing - 150Sightseeing in the Undiscovered Country by Louisa Oakley Green in the category of Body/Mind/Spirit




Sting - JB Hamilton 150Sting by JB Hamilton Queen in the category of Fiction





NIEASheppard of the Argonne by G. William Weatherly in the category of Military Fiction






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