An iUniverse Collection of Halloween Horrors

iUniverse wishes you a Happy Halloween! And what better way to celebrate than with a few treats from the iUniverse bookstore? So, without further ado, here is a selection of Halloween-themed frighteners from our iUniverse authors to help get you in the Halloween spirit and scare your socks off:

Aaron’s Halloween Adventure by Jackie Carmichael 

Aaron's Halloween AdventureAaron moves to live with her grandmother in Shadow Brook after the death of her father. As she adjusts to her new, small town life, Aaron makes new friends but quickly learns that too much curiosity and get you into a whole lot of trouble.





Be Careful What You Wish 4 by Barbara J. Wells

Be Careful of What You Wish 4Lindsey-Smith is having a terrible night. But it’s about to get worse. It’s Halloween and Satan is looking to make some lost soul’s wish come true. Lindsey-Simth’s wish entangles her in the search for a serial killer, as she alone knows the secret that can bring his reign of terror to an end.





Blood and Shadows by Curt Collier

BLOOD AND SHADOWSDetective Sergeant Ellis Morgan became the first Godslayer for centuries when he defeated and killed the Lord of the Hunt Tsul Kaluin in part one of the Border Town Blood series. It’s now one year later and Morgan is again forced to call upon an unlikely cast of heroes to help him save Fort Smith from an ancient darkness that is stealing the womenfolk.





Come October . . . by Edward T. May

Come October...Come October . . . is a collection of twelve terrifying tales inspired by Halloween’s underside. Each is designed to stimulate your perceptions and imaginations as unremarkable objects are transformed into icons of horror and catalysts of unexpected consequences.






Cries from the Cradle by Bonita Wagner

CRIES FROM THE CRADLECries from the Cradle marks the return of Chyna Wilson. Her bid to escape and destroy the satanic cult in which she was raised was a success. She is now enjoying a safe, normal family life. That is until Halloween approaches. The cult has been revived by it’s dead leader’s son and they have chosen the human sacrifice they will make to complete their revenge.





Dark Wonders by Mark Allan Reynolds

Dark WondersMark Allan Reynolds brings us twenty-five bone-chilling tales of terror. We follow a young man desperately looking for his girlfriend after a Halloween prank goes wrong, an old man brought face to face with the demons of his youth, a truck driver’s new workmate as he helps him make a most unexpected delivery and a whole host of other Dark Wonders.





Death Comes Calling by Nathaniel Gagliardi

DEATH COMES CALLINGLockport, Halloween night, 2003. A seventeen-year-old girl is viciously stabbed and left for dead hanging from a tree. The suburbanite community hasn’t been safe from the maniacal killer since. Sheriff Thomson calls in his old friend, Robert Morris, to help the investigation. But the killer is getting stronger with every victim and a dead ex-partner means Morris could be a suspect. Can the Sheriff’s office work out who the next intended victim is and stop the killer?




Dimensions by George Ebey

DimensionsGeorge Ebey invites us into “the dimensions of fear and suspense where few dare to tread and even fewer return” in his collection of spine-tinglers. Meet a music hating tyrant who learns the evil power a song can unleash, meet tiny flesh eaters as they haunt the night and  attend a disturbing Halloween party as you pass through Ebey’s Dimensions.





Dracula: Blood of Nosferatu by Darryl Pickett

Dracula: Blood of NosferatuPickett’s work is a play in three acts. An adaptation of the classic Bram Stoker tale that infuses “wit, social conscience and brooding paranoia” as the character of Mina Murray is portrayed in a very different light. The play requires a cast of 16 actors and is “particularly well suited to university theater departments looking for a Halloween offering with substantial bite.”





Family Plague by Edward Hanshaw

Family PlagueThe son of a Cuban immigrant grows up battling his homicidal tendencies. He believes he has them under control when he meets his girlfriend. They decide to spend Halloween night in a scary place, but are cursed by its evil owner. Family Plague is the story of the ensuing torment this curse causes both of their families.




 Enjoy your Halloween treats from iUniverse!


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