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iUniverse Carl Rollyson 2iUniverse Blog and you the reader have been taken on a fascinating journey over the last two days by prolific author and biographer, Carl Rollyson and now in this final chapter Carl divulges some great book marketing tactics for authors considering self-publishing and then admits what we probably knew; he is a true lover of literature!

iUniverse Carl Rollyson shows how to reach your readers

iUniverse Marie Curie Honesty in Science “Perhaps my most gratifying experience as an iUniverse author has been the response to my children’s biography of Marie Curie.  This book was originally written for a publisher who went out of business.  I was able to acquire the rights for the book and to publish it through iUniverse.  More than most of my other books, I felt Marie Curie: Honesty in Science could reach a large audience.  She is such a famous figure and reading about her is such a wonderful way to introduce young people to science and to the lives of scientists who make exciting and life enhancing discoveries. As part of the original series, I was obliged to include sections like “points to ponder” and suggestions for parents who might want to help their children with their reading.  It suddenly occurred to me that what I had written was in fact a biography for home schoolers.

Through Yahoo groups I contacted various homeschooling communities.  You need to be careful when making such contacts because although you obviously want people to buy your book, you really need to be doing more than that for them. On other words, you have to become part of a community.   In my case, I said I wanted to hear from readers, students and parents, and would be pleased to answer their questions.  The result has been hundreds of sales for my book and some wonderful contacts with readers.  I don’t see how this would have happened with a traditional publisher.”

iUniverse author Carl Rollyson: A real labor of love

“Self-publishing is as much a hobby for me as it is a business.  I just love making books, and I enjoying the control I have over the books I publish with iUniverse.  I still work with traditional publishers of all kinds: trade book houses, university presses, and small presses. What you choose to do depends on how much time you want to put into writing and promoting the book and how you want to reach your audience.”

iUniverse Publishing hopes you have enjoyed this terrific blog series a from a master of his craft, Carl Rollyson. If you have missed any; please look here, and if you want to know more about Carl please go to his website.

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