Why Writers are Choosing iUniverse! Testimonials Jan-June 2017

We at iUniverse are always delighted to hear great reviews of our services. Check out the testimonials below from the first half of 2017!


paraponera-front-cover-150Perry D. Defiore, The Paraponera

My best experience with iUniverse has to be the people I worked with. Most companies offer the same or similar deals, and traditional publishers want to change your book. The people at iUniverse have always been professional, understanding, respectful of my work, and helpful.




Front cover - Monet Hall 150Monet Hall, Finding Grace

iUniverse really helped me to polish my story and fine-tune without losing my voice. They made my story digestible, accessible, and enticing.




CL -Sherman - ODAD Cover with Awards 2016C.L. Sherman, Ocean Depths A Time

The clearly defined stages of publishing are what I liked best about the process with iUniverse.




Front cover - ML Shafer 150M.L. Shafer, The House on Crooked Pond: A Cape Cod Family Saga

My favorite part of my publishing experience with iUniverse was working with the consultants. They were easy to contact, and willing and able to answer my questions in a timely and professional manner.



The Red Room - Guzick - Front Cover 150Tom Guzick, The Red Room

iUniverse did an outstanding job with every step of the publishing process.  I plan on using iUniverse with my next book.




Dale Rominger The Girl in the Silver Mask front cover 150Dale Rominger, The Girl in the Silver Mask

I guess what I appreciate about iUniverse is the policy of calling writers on the phone to discuss the various stages of the publishing process. I also value the challenge of seeking Editor’s Choice and Rising Star. White Marble and Silver Mask are better books because I went for, and reached, both those goals.




Monique Donyale, Forgotten Pieces: A Life Skills guide for Teens and Young Adults

The consultants at iUniverse where knowledgeable, patient and caring about having my book ready for release in a timely fashion. iUniverse kept in close contact with me to finish the book even after I had fully paid for the services. That showed me that it wasn’t just about the money but iUniverse really wanted me to succeed and finish the book. Again I thank iUniverse for your dedication to my project.



The Extraterrestrials front cover 150Ken Patterson, The Extraterrestrials! In an Adventure with the American Army

My favorite part of the iUniverse publishing experience was overseeing The Extraterrestrials! design. To actually see something innately mine manifest itself into its physical birth, with a face, so to speak, and a body, was worth every penny.



Judas Hoard front cover 150Barbara Erlichman, The Judas Hoard (also, One of a Kind and Yesterday’s Enemy)

My favorite part of my iUniverse experience was being in charge. With “traditional” publishers, there’s always the chance of your contract being withdrawn if you don’t follow their suggestions. With the iUniverse team, I always felt that I had everyone’s support and doing what made me comfortable was the most important thing.



Book cover 150Sandra Scheller, Try to Remember – Never Forget

My favorite time in publishing was seeing the final product.  Writing a book reminds me of having a baby.  It is a lot of hard work but the final product is so rewarding.  There were so many people to thank at iUniverse.  I am so grateful to the people I worked with.


From an email that Sandra sent:

As a new author you can imagine how positively overwhelmed I am by the beautiful results received from the team at iUniverse.  Its felt as though I had a full staff at my fingertips guiding me through the process from start to finish.  I learned so much about the things that scared me the most such as editing, proofreading and designing.  They listened to my exact needs in order to complete the book. My iUniverse team is helping me with a plan for promoting the book along with using the Author Learning Center, which is excellent as well.  As I get all my “ducks in a row” my marketing team continues to guide me with new steps and techniques that are priceless. FEAR NOT!


Salmon River Kid - dorris - front cover 150Joseph Dorris, Salmon River Kid

I’ve published all of my books through iUniverse. I appreciate being able to select the services I want, especially those services for which I don’t have time or the expertise. I especially like their initial manuscript evaluation. I’ve also had great editors. The over-all product quality makes it worth it. Of course, the greatest feeling is having the final published book in my hands.



The Crowned Rose front cover 150Jay Hume, The Crowned Rose

My favorite part of the process was seeing the final proofs and knowing it was going to be published. The best part of iUniverse is the staff that helped me make it all possible. Everyone I dealt with in the company was very friendly and always had a wealth of knowledge to share.



Logan front cover 150Gail Logan, The Serpent’s Last Secret

Of course I would recommend iUniverse to other authors wanting to publish a book. Quite honestly, iUniverse services are great.




Front cover 150Ari Bouse, Something to Chew On

I really appreciate iUniverse’s attention to detail, critical eye, and help in developing my writing.




Farrah front cover 150Farrah M. Walters, Poetic Parenting

My favorite part of the self-publishing process was the feeling of control and autonomy I had over my work.  I also greatly appreciated the support and the attention to detail from customer service members that took my project seriously.



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